Censored Health

Censored Health



“If this were a science-fiction novel, I might soon be a popular, celebrated writer. Even critics would praise my soaring imagination. The problem is that it’s real.”– Dr. Lenkei Gábor

1767 op voorraad


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This book contains answers. Answers to the questions a doctor asked himself because he did not understand why medicine was not able to heal.

Censorship means “thought police”. It means that someone determines what we are allowed to know and what should remain concealed.

• Is it possible that health is censored?
• Is it possible that essential scientific inventions are kept secret?
• Is it possible that certain people wish us to be unhealthy?
• Are we being led by the nose?

You will find the answers in this book. A businessman said,

“This book is so dangerous it requires a gun license to read it.” – B. G.

Is this a scandalous book? To be sure, and scandal is a fashionable word. In fact, the scandalous part is what information it discloses and what information it debunks. The subject is undeniably popular. Some 150,000 copies have been sold so far and, surveys have shown that over a quarter of a million people have read it.

Is it possible that this book could ruin an obsolete and false world view? Could it mark the beginning of a new health culture?

Make your own judgment. Buy the book and read it.